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Building communities

Our Programs

Peggy Carter raised her family in Putnam County, NY but the affects of her love can be felt all over the country, where her family lives. We work with local children's services, social services and community organizations to connect us with those who we can help. We also work with local members of the community, social workers, children's services, church groups and neighbors to identify and support families and individuals through financial or material assistance. Together, we make what once felt impossible, possible

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Sponsor a Family

The average family of 4 has living expenses of approximately $2k a month or $24k a year. Providing that monetary relief for one family can impact generations to come.

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Prom Dress Shopping

Many girls don’t go to prom because they can’t afford a formal dress, makeup and accessories. We connect volunteers with those girls to make their Cinderella story come true.

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Children's Birthday Fun

Many children don't receive any gifts or have activities planned for their birthday simply because their families need to prioritize food and shelter before a party. Help us make a child's day memorable and fun.

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Happy Family
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