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Family in the Kitchen

Helping families thrive

Our History

Peggy Carter Bio

Born Margaret “Peggy”  McCarthy on August 11th 1933, in the Bronx, New York. Peggy married her husband of 52 years Raymond Carter on April 26, 1952. She raised her 6 children, Ray, Thomas, Patti, Susanne, Kathy and Michael in Carmel, NY where she worked as a social worker for Putnam County Social Services and was a member of the Putnam County Children's Committee. Her life was spent raising her family and ensuring she left a lasting impact on every person she came in contact with. Her unexpected passing in 2004 left a lasting impression on her community that lives on through this foundation. 

About the foundation:

The Peggy Carter Foundation provides support to families and individuals who are typically too humble to ask for help. We work with community members to help identify and provide assistance to those who need it most. Children are our focus, but we know it takes a healthy household to raise a child, so we make sure those who sacrifice everything are given the appreciation and assistance they deserve. Our foundation has worked to provide everything from scholarships to prom dresses, and birthday cards to groceries all to deserving families. Our goal is simple: to provide help. 

Our Mission

Our mission: 

Our mission is to help families live their lives without having the stresses of trying to figure out how. We work to help put food on the table, clothes on their back or a roof over their head, so that they can enjoy countless memories with the loved one around them. Peggy’s heart was always open and now we are sharing that feeling with the world. 

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